Looking Good In The Great Outdoors

sometimes you have to rough it in style!

Once in a while, my adventurous spirit takes over and nature calls to me. I love the great out doors! There’s something about waking up at the crack of dawn and smelling that cool, crisp, fresh air and staring up as the sun rises. It cleanses the soul and rejuvenates the body.

There are several things I love to take with me when I go camping. Priorities first: looking good, but staying functional!

Second is bunking outdoors comfortably and how to actually get to where I need to be. Luckily for me my tent is my truck and my truck is my tent. Know what i’m talking about?

Here’s my baby rolling around the beautiful countryside

It may not be the prettiest thing but it sure as hell beats that stereotypical green tent thing! Plus my pop up is comfy as! Most pop ups come stock standard with a bed and other utilities, but there’s loads of stuff you can do, such as buypop up camper accessories.The main accessory is my ever so fashionable and sexy-chiq camper cover that I got from jc whitney.

All of that aside – camping is a serious passion of mine. And you should know by now that fashion and style is too. You should definitely get out there and give it a go. It will change your life.

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